Start making interactive Android applications with Orbbec Persee

Develop new or port your existing Windows applications developed for Kinect, PrimeSense, Asus Xtion sensors to Android!

Use Orbbec Persee Android computer and Nuitrack Body Tracking SDK.


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Price Free $39.99* Android version (per device)
$39.99* Ubuntu version (per device)

* - effective until end of 2017.

Time limit 3 min No limit
Commercial usage Not Allowed Allowed
NUITRACK Programming Interface (API)
Unity 3D, UE4, C++, C#
API Documentation Link

Please note: NUITRACK API is identical for Orbbec Persee and VicoVR.

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SDK Terms and Conditions

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SDK Features

  • User masks (unlimited number)
  • Full Body Skeletal Tracking (19 joints, 2 users max)
  • Gesture recognition
  • Standing and sitting poses
  • 3D point cloud of humans


  • OpenNI compatible - easily move your existing Windows application developed for Kinect, PrimeSense, Asus Xtion to Android
  • SDK for Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4
  • Persee is a standalone Android computer - no PC is needed
  • Regular quality updates

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