Gesture recognition software Nuitrack

3DiVi Inc. developed NUITRACKā„¢ - the industry leading 3D body (skeletal) tracking middleware. It is the only cross platform skeletal tracking and gesture recognition solution that enables Natural User Interface (NUI) capabilities on Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS platforms.

Nuitrack Products:

Not sure what sensor to select, see comparison.


Full Body Skeletal Tracking (19 joints)
3D point cloud of users
Gesture recognition
Face recognition
SDK for Android and iOS

Application areas

  • Body tracking and gesture recognition for mobile platforms (Android, iOS)
  • Motion gaming in Mobile VR
  • Motion gaming on Smart TV (Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV)
  • Audience analytics
  • Robot vision and smart home


  • 3D sensor independent - supports Orbbec Astra, Persee, LIPS.
  • OpenNI compatible - easily move to mobile platforms your existing Windows application developed for Kinect, PrimeSense, Asus Xtion.
  • Proprietary algorithms ensure industry leading performance.
  • Cross-platform - SDK for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux.
  • Available for white label licensing.

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